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Jennifer Higdon (* 31. Dezember 1961 in Brooklyn, New York) ist eine US-amerikanische Komponistin klassischer Musik.


Higdon wurde 1962 in Brooklyn geboren und verbrachte ihre Kindheit in Atlanta und Tennessee. Sie studierte an der Bowling Green State University Musik und erhielt Flötenunterricht. Zu ihren Lehrern gehörte Robert Spano. Higdon erwarb ein Diplom am Curtis Institute of Music, wo sie unter anderem bei David Loeb studierte. An der University of Pennsylvania erhielt sie den Doktorgrad in Komposition.

Nach ihrem Studium unterrichtete Higdon selbst am Curtis Institute of Music, wo sie den Milton L. Rock Chair bekleidet. Sie arbeitete als Komponistin mit dem Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra 2005/2006 und dem Green Bay Symphony Orchestra 2006/2007 sowie dem Philadelphia Orchestra 2007/2008 zusammen.

Einem größeren Publikum wurde sie bekannt durch die 2010 bei Deutsche Grammophon erschienene CD von Hilary Hahn, auf der diese neben dem bekannten Violinkonzert op. 35 von Peter Tschaikovsky ein von Higdon komponiertes Werk spielte. Ihre langjährige Lebenspartnerin ist Cheryl Lawson. Higdon wohnt in Philadelphia.
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Jennifer Higdon (* 31 December 1961 in Brooklyn, New York) is an American composer of contemporary classical music.


Higdon was born in Brooklyn, New York. She spent the first 10 years of her life in Atlanta, Georgia before moving to Seymour, Tennessee. Her father, Charles Higdon, was a painter and made efforts to expose his children to different types of art. He took them to various exhibitions of new and experimental art that gave her her earliest exposure to art and helped her to form an idea of what art was. She also developed an interest in photography and writing at an early age. Despite her early introduction to art, she received very little exposure to classical music in her home. Instead, her early musical education came from listening to rock and folk music from the 1960s. It was not until high school that she joined concert band, where she began playing percussion. At about the same time, she picked up a flute her mother had bought, and she began teaching herself to play using an old flute method book. She played flute in her high school’s concert band and percussion in marching band, but heard little classical music before her college years.

She studied flute performance at Bowling Green State University with Judith Bentley, who encouraged her to explore composition. Because of her lack of formal training at an early age, Higdon struggled to catch up early in her college career. She said of beginning college, “I didn’t know any Basic Theory, how to spell a chord, what intervals were, and I had zero keyboard skills. I basically started from the very, very beginning. Most of the people I started school with were far more advanced than I was, and I had an extraordinary amount of catching up to do.” Despite these challenges, she established herself as a hard worker and a resilient student, even when she faced discouragement from some professors.

During her time at Bowling Green, she wrote her first composition, a two-minute piece for flute and piano named Night Creatures. Of playing in the university orchestra, she has said: “Because I came to classical music very differently than most people, the newer stuff had more appeal for me than the older.” While at Bowling Green, she met Robert Spano, who was teaching a conducting course there and who became one of the champions of Higdon’s music in the American orchestral community.

Higdon earned an Artist’s Diploma from the Curtis Institute of Music, where she studied with David Loeb and Ned Rorem and taught the future virtuoso Hilary Hahn. She continued to demonstrate her fortitude and dedication by persevering despite a few graduate rejection letters. She eventually obtained both a Master of Arts and a PhD in composition from the University of Pennsylvania under the tutelage of George Crumb.

From 1994 to 2021, Higdon was a professor of composition at the Curtis Institute of Music, where she held the Milton L. Rock Chair in Compositional Studies. She has served as Composer-in-Residence with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, the Green Bay Symphony Orchestra, the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Fort Worth Symphony and the Music Academy of the West.

Higdon lives with her wife, Cheryl Lawson, in Philadelphia. They met in high school.Source Wiki:

List of opera

  • Konzert für Orchester
  • City Scape für Orchester
  • Violinenkonzert
  • Cold MountainWorld premiere 01. August 2015 at Santa Fe Opera
  • Konzert für Percussion
  • Konzert für Sopransaxophon und Blasorchester


Sheet music

Score for choire

Forum Hear My Voicefor 3-stimmig3 part, Gemischter Chormixed choirKlavierpiano
Edition: Chorpartiturchoral score

for 3-stimmig3 part, Gemischter Chormixed choirKlavierpiano
Edition: Chorpartiturchoral score

Score for chamber music

In 27 Piecesfor Klavierpiano, Violineviolin

for Klavierpiano, Violineviolin

Score for orchestra

Rhythm Standfor Bläserwind section
Edition: Orchesterpartiturorchestral score

for Bläserwind section
Edition: Orchesterpartiturorchestral score

Percussion Concertofor Klavierpiano, Percussionpercussion

for Klavierpiano, Percussionpercussion

Rhythm Standfor Bläserwind section
Edition: Orchesterpartiturorchestral score

for Bläserwind section
Edition: Orchesterpartiturorchestral score